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23 August 2010 @ 02:15 pm
I went ahead and created a secondary account. After I saw some of the assignment I decided that people really didn't want to read about my goals for graphic design. :)
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23 August 2010 @ 01:36 pm
So it looks like I'm going to wake up my LiveJournal for a bit. My web design class is requiring that we start a blog. Rather than start something new, I'm just going to use my own. It's been a while since I've posted regularly, but I'm reading every day still.

So when you start seeing posts about Internet history and web design, now you'll know why. :)
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19 October 2009 @ 10:34 am
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
Gibbie69 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Maniac.
allyson13 gives you 12 milky white coffee-flavoured jawbreakers.
citygirl2 tricks you! You get a rock.
excaliburca gives you 16 tan blueberry-flavoured jawbreakers.
glithander gives you 4 teal watermelon-flavoured wafers.
gregtrotter gives you 12 mauve blueberry-flavoured nuggets.
jccohen gives you 2 light green root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
jencohen tricks you! You lose 38 pieces of candy!
kitchenqueen gives you 1 light orange banana-flavoured nuggets.
lizliz gives you 15 brown coconut-flavoured gummy worms.
marco235 gives you 1 teal passionfruit-flavoured nuggets.
Gibbie69 ends up with 25 pieces of candy, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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30 June 2009 @ 09:28 am
While I'm thinking of what I'm going to ask Teri to photo, I'll steal this and play:

I'm charging up my camera batteries, and my place is up for the view. Ask for it, I'll take the pic, anything in the house. Be as specific or as vague as you want. Be direct, be cryptic. Ask for one, ask for ten. Just be careful what you ask for, as you might damn well get it.

I'll give it a few days, then I'll post all pix.

Added from me, I reserve the right to clean before I shoot. :D
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13 April 2009 @ 09:30 pm
I've been working on my genealogy for a long time now and in the course of my research, I've spent many hours peering at census forms trying to tease every piece of information I could out of them. So it's there's a certain pleasing circularity to the fact that I've been sworn in as an Enumerator for the US Census Bureau for the 2010 Census.

The actual enumeration doesn't start until next year but I've been hired on now to work on address canvassing phase in preparation for the big count next year. While the work is part time and temporary, and there's no promise of future assignments, I'm hopeful that satisfactory work on this project will help me land more projects going forward. I'd love to be able to be able to work with them right until the end.

Training started today and I got to geek out over my (temporary) new toys. I'm thrilled to be able to fill in gaps in my classwork with knowledge gleaned for my many hours of scrutiny. And suddenly the mysterious of the forms are beginning to make a little more sense. At least I'll be able to figure out how blocks work!

There's a feeling of being part of history that I really enjoy. The knowledge that 72 years hence some genealogist will be patiently waiting for my work to be released and hoping that it contains the answers they're looking for makes me smile. And to that genealogist I hereby pledge to be as accurate and complete in my work as I possibly can, to spell the names as correctly as possible and if I should ever have to hand write something you'll one day read, I'll print it neatly and legibly.
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25 March 2009 @ 10:45 am
Unfortunately the IceMen's season ended Saturday night in Battle Creek Michigan when they were swept in their best of three playoff series. But even though they lost both games it was not for lack of trying.

The played short handed both games, just 13 skaters. Four less than mature team members decided to violate team rules again on the Tuesday before playoffs (St. Patrick's day) and the team and management had finally had enough. But those 13 played with more heart and soul than any other time in the season. I really wish they'd had more time to be a team with that core group (and a few more legs!) I think it would have been a wonderful thing.

But now it's the long wait until November. Our little booster club did good things in the seven weeks we worked and donated a little over 800.00 to the players association. You know, you hear about the early days of baseball when players hitchhiked to towns and worked their way around the country just to play ball, but you don't really realize that the low minor leagues still function much the same way. These guys aren't playing for a bunch of money, just for the love of the game and a chance to move up. I was pleased to be able to help them out a little along the way. We should be able to do even better next year with a full season to work.

Speaking of next season, I'm going to start bugging you hockey fans out there now to see if you can squeeze a trip to Evansville into your busy agendas. :) We really do have a great time and I'd love to share it with you all. And excaliburca if you want to hear yelling at the refs, you should come sit in our seats. ;)
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12 March 2009 @ 05:39 pm
09 February 2009 @ 03:02 pm
I blogged recently about my work drama. Well it all came to an end today. He shuffled on into my office and asked to speak with me a few minutes and took me into his office and closed the door. That's never good. The official line is that he's wanting to change the business and thinks that training may be done (I think he is right) and that he needs to move in a different direction. He also said "And our personalities clash" to which I said "yea, they do." He did tell me that he thought I had talent in areas, just not what he needed. I reiterated that he needed a sales person and that wasn't me. He acknowledged that I'd been trying and was driving myself crazy trying to make calls but that I just wasn't comfortable with it. I appreciated hearing all of that, and do believe he means it. I did offer to work for him on a contract basis if he needs anything, such as a class taught or some marketing materials done. He didn't seem to have considered that and said that it was a good idea. He'd rather use someone he knows than try to find someone new. I have been doing some writing for him so it's conceivable more projects will arise in the future. In the meantime they're paying me until Friday and calling my departure a layoff so I think I will be eligible to pick up my original unemployment claim again.

All in all I'm pretty calm. I stopped by the local Census bureau office on the way home and scheduled an enumerator test and a supervisor test. They're gearing up for 2010 so it can't hurt to see what's available. The people there were really nice, and sorry that I'd been laid off and I'd like to think impressed that I'd stopped straight from my last employer before I'd even gone home!

And in another weird quirk, I got an page from someone with the hockey booster club saying that the players had had a crisis and needed and infusion of cash quickly. It just so happens that we've got a sizeable donation to make. So now I'm trying to reach the team captain and arrange to meet him to hand off the cash, something I couldn't have done while working!

I know I'll land on my feet. I feel very much better than last year when I was laid off. I think I'll be able to keep my energy and not sink into the inertia again.
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31 January 2009 @ 05:16 pm

Originally uploaded by gibbie69
It was Hockey Night again last night (and tonight as well actually). This time we were in for a treat. When marco235 went to buy tickets, the ticket person (who knows we're there every week and involved with Boosters) asked if since it was going to be a small crowd, if we wouldn't like Owner's Box seats. Um, sure! The "box" is actually a group of chairs right against the glass. We were behind the net on one side, front row. The photo is shot from my seat. It was really cool. A few pucks banged right against the glass and a few checks, and we had good views of the goals scored on this end. It was a very different view of the game.

All in all though, I missed being in the stands. It's a lot more gentile down there, and I missed the rowdiness from the center section. There were also two women sitting behind us who would not stop yammering all night, and not about the game. They knew nothing about the game or about the team. Questions were "what's the team's name?" "What colors are they wearing?" "Oh, did they score?" And giggling and pretty much bragging that they didn't know anything about the game. And these weren't kids, these were grown women my age. I hate when women perpetuate that stereotype of dumb women who don't know sports. I've gone to sporting events where I didn't know the sport but I didn't laugh and giggle and brag about it. I followed along and asked questions about what I didn't understand. But really, if you can't be bothered to learn the teams name beforehand, why are you there?

Anyway, we're back at the top tonight, selling cowbells and painting faces. Can't wait!
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29 January 2009 @ 04:58 pm
Actually I tried to post this via text earlier in the day but it never showed up on my journal. We decided to go back out and dig out the street at the end of our driveway and try again. It took a couple of hours to get it clear (not all at once, with breaks and stuff) and then a wild ride down our street and then we were free. Got in to work a little after 10am. I think that was appreciated.

The roads around town and still a disaster. I do not know what the road crews were doing yesterday. The snow stopped falling mid morning and every damn thing was closed, why didn't they go out there and plow and scrape and salt? And I get that the tertiary roads will be crap, but the main roads are untreated. WTF?

Even with being able to get out we didn't take my car out. I don't have enough clearance to get through the ruts. So I'm killing time after work waiting for marco235 to arrive.
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